About Us

The St. Charles County Parks Department's mission since our founding in 1997 has been to preserve and protect natural and historic features in areas throughout the county for the use of future generations and create opportunities for people to engage in nature and activities while having fun.

Today, the department has 21 parks, of which 18 are open and three in reserve, totaling 4,349 acres of acquired park land. From historic homesteads to a skate park; from camping, hiking, biking, and fishing to weddings and educational classrooms, there’s something for everyone in St. Charles County Parks.

As part of our 25th anniversary in 2022, we launch our new logo and tagline to better represent our mission: "built by nature. rooted in history. made for play." The colors in the graphic represent all the elements found within our parks: orange represents adventure, teal represents water, and green represents the natural areas.