Common violations

For further questions, please refer to County Ordinances.

  • Commercial vehicles parked in residential or agricultural districts.
  • Any commercial vehicle shall be parked and/or stored in a private garage or completely covered by a carport, unless it is a vehicle temporarily parked while providing a service or delivery to a residential dwelling. Licensed as a commercial vehicle at 12,000 pounds or less, even if it conveys a commercial message or has materials stored on the vehicle's exterior such as ladder, tools, etc., but not if it exceeds 24 feet in length.
  • No buses shall be parked on a lot occupied by a residential unit, except as permitted in Section 405.420(C)(3).
  • Licensed van-pool vans or other motor vehicles seating not more than 15 passengers are allowed in residential zoned areas so long as no commercial message is conveyed on the vehicle and all other provisions of this section are met.
  • The owner of a commercial vehicle parked on a lot or parcel within a residential or agricultural district in accordance with the provisions of this section shall also be the owner or the renter of such lot or parcel or that owner or renter's employer.
  • Commercial vehicles shall not be parked on a public street except when temporarily parked while providing a service or delivery to a residential dwelling.
  • Trailers parked in the front yard, driveway, or street of a residential district.
  • In residential districts and recorded subdivisions in agricultural districts recreational equipment or trailers shall be parked within a structure or in the side or rear yard, on a paved or graveled all-weather surface, a minimum of 7 feet from all property boundaries.
  • Operating home occupation business without approval.
  • A home occupation permit is required to obtain a business license. A home occupation is an occupation or profession carried on by 1 or more members of the household residing on the premises, which is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling unit for residential purposes.