Types of Road Maintenance

Asphalt Overlays
The unincorporated areas of the county have approximately 475 miles of asphalt streets / roadways. Each year, the County Highway Department spends approximately $1.8 million on overlays to restore the roads to a smooth condition, which allows approximately 35 miles of roadways to be resurfaced each year.

Work is done both by county forces and contracted out to private contractors.
Asphalt Overlay
Slab Replacement
The county has approximately 200 miles of concrete streets / roadways. The county spends approximately $1.9 million annually replacing broken sections of the various streets to help restore a smooth driving surface. Approximately 3,200 slabs are replaced each year, with work being done by both county forces and private contractors.
Slab Replacement
Street Reconstruction
For those subdivision streets, either concrete or asphalt, where the condition has deteriorated to a point that it is no longer cost-effective to try and maintain what is there, the county will undertake a project to completely rebuild those streets.

Approximately 4 miles of subdivision streets are rebuilt each year, at a cost of approximately $2.4 million. For most subdivisions, this will involve the work being done in phases, usually over a period of 2 or more years, to reduce the inconvenience of the residents.
Car driving on a street that has been reconstructed