Emergency Communications

The Department of Emergency Communications provides dispatching services for all fire and EMS agencies within St. Charles County as well as three law enforcement agencies: the St. Charles County Police Department, St. Charles County Sheriff's Department, and St. Charles County Department of Corrections. The department serves the community as one of the six dispatching centers and 911 answering points located in the county, covering 592 square miles, more than 400,000 citizens, as well as visitors. Dispatchers within the department evaluate emergency and non-emergency calls for service and determine the appropriate level of response for each call, providing both the citizens and first responders with quality and professional service.

In addition to dispatching services, Emergency Communications maintains and supports the digital radio system and the Next Generation 911 phone system, both of which are used by all police, fire, EMS and public works departments within the county.

Emergency Communications consists of 44 full-time dispatchers and is supported by an administrative staff of 10 employees. Staff takes pride in the high expectations set not only for the department but also for each other to consistently and competently determine the extent of a situation. From a crime in progress to a heart attack or house fire, dispatchers can quickly determine the location and circumstance of a situation and dispatch the appropriate units to respond to assist the victim and/or mitigate the situation. Using the latest Next Generation 911 technology to maintain our high commitment to public safety, the agency processes approximately 55,000 fire/EMS calls and approximately 115,000 law enforcement-related calls per year.  

The Department's Radio and Technology Division maintains and supports the digital radio system and 12 transmitter tower sites located within St. Charles County. This division consists of five full-time employees, including Division Manager and four technicians.

Dispatching Service Agencies

Emergency Communications provides dispatching services for the following law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies within St. Charles County: 

Law Enforcement 

Fire and EMS