Public Health

Committed to protecting and enhancing the health and quality of life for all members of the community, the Department of Public Health responds through actions by three divisions - Health Services, Environmental Health and Protection, and Humane Services. To achieve this goal, the department coordinates with federal, state, and local organizations to provide a wide range of services that have a profound impact on the lives of St. Charles County’s residents and visitors each day.

  1. Environmental Health
  2. Health Services
  3. Humane

Division of Environmental Health and Protection

  1. teen boy receiving a vaccination from a medical professional

    Back To School Vaccinations Available Through Immunization Clinic

    Immunizations are required for students to attend Missouri schools. The Immunization Clinic provides all recommended vaccinations for students through convenient appointments or a limited number of walk-in visits. Read on...
  2. CDC graphic suggesting items to wear during mold cleanup

    Health Department Issues Recommendations for Safe Flood Recovery Activities

    As flood recovery efforts begin, the St. Charles County Department of Public Health offers safety tips for homeowners, responders and volunteers. Read on...
  3. Image of 2019 Flooding near Kampville in northern St. Charles County, Missouri

    Tetanus Shots Available for Flood Responders, Homeowners

    The Department of Public Health reminds those working in or near floodwaters to make certain their tetanus vaccinations are up-to-date. Tetanus shots for flood recovery efforts in St. Charles County can be obtained through the health department. Read on...
  4. Photo demonstrating how to apply mosquito repellent.

    St. Charles County Mosquito Control Efforts Work to "Block the Bite"

    Mosquitoes are both a nuisance and a health concern. A team effort between residents and the Division of Environmental Health and Protection helps "Block the Bite" and reduces risk of exposure to disease-carrying mosquitoes in St. Charles County. Read on...
  5. St. Charles County Bat Tested, Found Positive for Rabies

    The St. Charles County Department of Public Health confirms that a bat found in O’Fallon this week has tested positive for the rabies virus. Read on...
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