Public Health

Committed to protecting and enhancing the health and quality of life for all members of the community, the Department of Public Health responds through actions by three divisions - Health Services, Environmental Health and Protection, and Humane Services. To achieve this goal, the department coordinates with federal, state, and local organizations to provide a wide range of services that have a profound impact on the lives of St. Charles County’s residents and visitors each day.

  1. Environmental Health
  2. Health Services
  3. Humane

Division of Environmental Health and Protection

  1. Licenses and Reports

    St. Charles County Flu Report for Period Ending 2/15/2020

    During flu season, the Department of Public Health tracks cases of influenza in St. Charles County.

    Total cases reported for current season - 2,934 Read on...
  2. Get Your Flu Shot campaign_nurse

    Health Department Recommends Vaccination to Protect Against Influenza

    The CDC estimates that about 8 percent of the U.S. population gets a flu-related illness each year. To protect against influenza, the Dept. of Public Health recommends all St. Charles County residents receive a flu vaccination within the next four weeks. Read on...
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