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November 7, 2023 Special Election for St. Charles City

  • Sample Ballot (PDF)
  • Absentee voting at the Election Authority Office located at 397 Turner Blvd., St. Peters, MO 63376, begins Tuesday, Sept. 26, and ends Monday, Nov. 6. No excuse, in-person absentee voting begins Tuesday, Oct. 24, and ends Monday, Nov. 6.
  • For the Nov. 7 Special Election, voting precincts have been consolidated into five regional voting centers. Voters may go to any of these five locations on election day:
    • St. Charles Family Arena
      2002 Arena Parkway, St. Charles, MO 63303
    • Orchard Farm School District Administration Office
      3489 Boschertown Rd., St. Charles, MO 63301
    • Christview Christian Church 
      64 Terri Ln., St. Charles, MO 63301
    • St. John United Church of Christ 
      405 S. Fifth St., St. Charles, MO 63301
    • St. Charles County Election Authority
      397 Turner Blvd., St. Peters, MO 63376

Photo IDs Required for Voting

IDs allowed for voting

  1. Nonexpired Missouri driver’s license
  2. Nonexpired or nonexpiring Missouri nondriver’s license
  3. Military ID with a photo that is not expired or has no expiration date
  4. A U.S. or Missouri-issued document with the voter’s name (matching the most recent signature on their registration record), photo, and an expiration date and isn’t expired (or, if expired, after the date of the most recent general election)

If a voter does not have a photo ID, they can use a blue provisional ballot that counts if the signature on the blue envelope matches the signature on the voter registration record, regardless of whether the voter is Active or Active – Needs ID

Commonly used IDs are that are NO LONGER allowed: student IDs, out-of-state driver’s licenses, voter ID cards, sample ballots, utility bills, and bank statements.

Absentee Voting

  • Voters need to bring a photo ID to vote in person absentee. 
  • No-excuse in person absentee voting starts on the second Tuesday before the election at the Election Authority office. 
  • Absentee excuses increased to include a voter is incapacitated or confined on election day and a caretaker residing at the same address, and adds that being a first responder, health care worker, or member of law enforcement are valid reasons to vote absentee 
  • Election authorities need to hand mark or stamp each absentee ballot envelope as it is “received” with the date and time.
  • Ban on drop boxes 
  • No one can solicit a voter into receiving an absentee ballot application and pre-filled absentee ballot applications are prohibited.

No Excuse Absentee Voting

For two weeks leading up to an election, voters can vote in-person absentee without an excuse. The implementation of the new election law, which became effective Aug. 28, 2022, gives voters in Missouri increased access to absentee voting.

Directions to the Election Authority

  • The Election Authority is located off I-70 and Highway 79 in St. Peters.
  • Exit off I-70 and head north on Highway 79.
  • Get in the right lane and bear right onto the North Outer Road exit.
  • Go straight at the stop sign, crossing over the North Outer Road.
  • You will be on Turner Boulevard. The Election Authority is in the second building on the right.

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