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Directions to the Election Authority

  • The Election Authority is located off I-70 and Highway 79 in St. Peters.
  • Exit off I-70 and head north on Highway 79.
  • Get in the right lane and bear right onto the North Outer Road exit.
  • Go straight at the stop sign, crossing over the North Outer Road.
  • You will be on Turner Boulevard. The Election Authority is in the second building on the right.

Helpful Resources


The Election Authority has received several emails expressing concern and confusion about the Township elections on the Aug. 2 ballot. Townships are political subdivisions of Republican and Democratic parties, and each have a Committeeman and Committeewoman who serve as local representatives of the political parties. They do not receive any compensation from the government, but they are elected officials selected during Primary Elections. 

In St. Charles County, each of the seven County Council districts are divided in half, making 14 Townships as shown in the provided map. These Townships have a number and name set forth in Ordinance. While the names roughly correspond with their physical location, they do not have any other connection with the municipalities. Living in a township does not affect your municipality or taxes. Each Township has one committeeman and one committeewoman who are elected every two years, for a total of 28 committee people for each of the two parties. If these individuals are unopposed, they do not appear on the ballot. For this reason, it is possible for voters to not vote for a Township election for many years.  

Because of redistricting, both Township and County Council district lines were redrawn. Some voters now live in new Townships, and more committee people were running opposed in the election, so voters not accustomed to this political entity may have seen it on the ballot for the first time in many years. All ballots distributed during the Aug. 2 election were listed accurately to voters.

Township Map