Restaurant Reports

Restaurant Inspections

Throughout the year, staff from the Division of Environmental Health and Protection inspects food service establishments throughout St. Charles County (except within St. Peters city limits, which conducts its own inspections). Please call 636-949-1800 to make an appointment to visit the Division of Environmental Health and Protection and view reports prior to January 2013. To see inspection scores for restaurants and food service establishments after that date, please click the link below.

Smoke-Free Air Act of 2018

In November 2018, St. Charles County voters passed an amendment to the County Charter that places a countywide smoking ban, with exemptions, on all enclosed areas in incorporated and unincorporated St. Charles County. A complete list of exemptions is outlined in County Ordinance #18-070. This vote has been certified by the Election Authority, and the regulation is now in effect.

Please note: Local municipal ordinances may be stricter. Establishments and consumers should review municipal ordinances regarding smoking prohibitions.