Voter Registration Information

Where to Register

You can register to vote at any of the following locations:

Moving Within the State

If you have moved from one address to another address within Missouri, you can change your registration record on the same form that is used for an original registration or online on the Missouri Secretary of State's website. Alternatively, a registered voter may change his or her address by mailing or faxing written notification to the Election Authority. This notice should include the voter's name, registered address, date of birth and signature.

Name Change

You must notify the Election Authority in writing or in person. You can change your name on your registration record by using the same form that is used for an original registration or online on the Missouri Secretary of State's website. A person may vote one time only under a previous name.

Timeline to Vote

If you are in Missouri, you can register to vote as soon as you arrive. However, you cannot vote unless you registered on or before the fourth Wednesday prior to the election.

Deadline to Register

The registration deadline is the fourth Wednesday prior to an election.


A person may vote at any election who:

  • Is a citizen of the United States and is 18 years of age or older
  • Has been a resident of the state and of the election district, in which the person seeks to vote, for at least 28 days prior to the election
  • Has registered before the election registration deadline
  • Is not registered to vote in another jurisdiction

Convicted Felon

Even though you have served your time and are on probation, a convicted felon may not register to vote unless discharged from custody.

Registering Age

You can register at 17.5 years old, but you must be 18 on or before election day to vote.

Precinct and Polling Place Location

Your precinct number and polling location are shown on your Notice of Election postcard. You may also call the Election Authority at 636-949-7550 or use the polling place search.

Power of Attorney

Each person must sign or make a mark on an application when registering to vote or voting. State law does not allow a POA to register another person.

Voter Record

Portions of your voter record are confidential, such as your social security number, email address and phone number. Missouri residents do not register by party, and, therefore, it is not public information and is not printed on any voter list. What is public information of a voter record are name, address, birthdate, and voting history (when someone voted, now how).

Primary Elections

Primary elections (August election) are by party. Missouri voters do not register by party so they may select any party’s ballot at a primary election. Voters are only allowed one ballot, so voters must select which party’s ballot they will vote that election. Voters cannot vote for candidates in two separate parties in the primary elections. Voters who do not wish to vote for any party may request an “Issues Only” ballot that will have any non-candidate ballot issues such as tax or bond issues, initiative petition questions, or constitutional or charter changes.