> View Civil Process Fee Schedule (PDF).

Please staple your cashier's check, law firm / business checks or money order to the documents. Make all forms of payment payable to the Sheriff of St. Charles County. If delivered in person you may pay with cash.


St. Charles County Sheriff Department
Civil Process Division
201 N. Second St., Suite 440
St. Charles, MO 63301

Service Days Prior to Court

Please mail all documents immediately. There are legal time limits the Sheriff must follow in order for service to be valid and for you to obtain a court judgment on your case. For example, most summons and posting must be completed a full 10 days before the court date. Landlord matters require service 4 days prior to court. Ex-parte orders are 3 days prior to the court hearing.

Failure to provide Civil Process adequate time to process your document, or sending improper fees will result in the documents being returned to you for corrections and delay your court date.