Marriage Licenses

Recorder of Deeds_Marriage Licenses

Apply for a Marriage License

Both applicants must appear together at the Recorder of Deeds Office, located in the St. Charles County Administration Building at 201 N. Second St., Suite 338, St. Charles, MO 63301. 

The Marriage License application process takes a MINIMUM of 15-20 minutes. Please plan accordingly; the office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Take note of the following qualifications:

  • Both applicants must be 16 years of age or older. Parental consent is required for applicants 16 or 17 years of age.
  • Applicants must present a valid government-issued photo ID and know Social Security number.
  • Previously married applicants must provide date of divorce decree.
  • Foreign applicants must present their valid government-issued photo ID along with a certified English translation of all non-English documentation used. If a translator is needed, an appointment with our office must be made in advance.
  • Applicants may not be related to each other through and including first cousins.
  • The ceremony must be performed within 30 days beginning from the date of issuance of marriage license.
  • The ceremony must be performed in the state of Missouri.
  • Applicants will pay $48 at the time of license issuance. The office accepts cash, Visa or Mastercard. All credit transactions are subject to a convenience fee.
  • Applicants may pre-order a certified copy of their marriage license for $9.50 at time of license issuance. The fee includes postage.
  • If an applicant is age 16 or 17, a certified birth certificate must be provided and the applicant must be accompanied by a parent to give consent to their application. If parents are divorced, the consenting parent must provide court papers to prove custody. A $1 additional fee must be paid at the time of application for each parental consent.
  • No applicant age 21 or older may marry anyone under age 18.
  • If either applicant is unable to appear in the Recorder of Deeds Office to apply due to military service, ADA qualifying disability or incarceration, an Affidavit of Absent Applicant (PDF) may be used.

Return and Recordation of Marriage

The person performing the ceremony is required by law to return the completed license to the St. Charles County Recorder of Deeds Office within 15 days of the ceremony per RSMo 451.080.

Lost, Destroyed or Unused Marriage License

A lost or destroyed marriage license can be replaced with the original issuance date for $2 in the Recorder of Deeds Office. If a marriage license is unused, it must be marked "unused" and returned to the Office per RSMo 451.130

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