Requesting Maps & Data

GIS Services makes data available in several formats, including individual data layers.

  • Printed maps are 24" x 36" and are $25 each. Multiple copies of the same map are available for $10 each.
  • Compact discs are available of different data sets for $30 each. 

To order, submit the Data Form online to request printed maps and/or CDs of map layer data. We will respond to your request within three business days, including an estimated delivery date for your order. Most orders will be ready in three to five business days.

 To request a custom map or data layer, please visit our office,  email GIS Services, or call 636-949-7480. Analysis services related to our standard printed maps (as they are pre-printed and readily available for public use) may be provided at no charge to governmental and quasi-governmental entities. For requests that require additional analysis, creation of features, layers, symbols or text, and/or data automation services (creation and/or maintenance), and do not serve a legitimate public interest, the County will charge in half-hour increments at a rate of $38.19 per hour. If such request does serve a legitimate public interest, the fee will be waived.

 Please note: Aerial photography may be obtained from the Missouri Spatial Data Information Service