Successful Breastfeeding

Positive SignsBreast Feeding

Breastfeeding is probably going well when:

  • Your baby nurses 8-12 times per 24 hours, or every 1½ to 3 hours during the day and at least once during the night.
  • Your baby nurses at least 20-30 minutes at breast.
  • Your baby has 6-8 wet, not damp, diapers per day.
  • Your baby has several bowel movements per day.
  • Your baby is happy, alert, and waking to be fed.
  • You can hear your baby swallowing while nursing.
  • Your breast becomes softer after nursing.

Tips for MOM

You should feel a firm tug when your baby latches-on, but there should be no pain. Breastfeeding should not hurt. If it does hurt, your baby may not be latched-on well. Break your baby's suction by putting your finger in the corner of his or her mouth before taking the baby off the breast.

Positions (Cradle-hold)

Tummy to Tummy

  • Baby's lower arm around your waist
  • Baby's back supported with your arm
  • Pillows used for support, if needed
  • You are sitting up straight, not leaning over baby


  • No clicking or smacking sounds are heard
  • Baby's lips form a V-shape on your breast
  • You can see baby's jaws move when swallowing

Comfort Measures

  • Let nipples air dry after each nursing
  • Express a little breast milk on your nipples and let dry
  • Take nap when baby sleeps

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