Victim Assistance

Victim of crime assistance services include:
  • Advocacy
  • Education and preparation for the steps in the criminal justice system
  • Emergency services including assistance in obtaining protective orders
  • Courtroom escort
  • Crisis support
  • Transportation
  • Stress management
Public Education
  • Training of volunteers
  • Victim seminars
  • Presentation to community, civic and professional organizations
  • Information about police and court procedures
Orders of Protection
For assistance with the application process and a court escort, please call 636-949-7900, ext 7746.

Restitution Unit
Depending upon the type of crime for which you are a  victim, restitution collection may be possible from the defendant. No guarantees can be made as to the collection of restitution on your behalf. The restitution unit may be reached at 636-949-7375.