Victims Rights

Due to the passage of the Missouri Constitutional Amendment for Crime Victims, and Section 595.209 Missouri Revised Statutes (RSMO), as a victim of a crime, you have several rights. To exercise these rights, you need to provide written notification to the appropriate agencies and update any change of address or phone number.
  • Be present at all criminal proceedings
  • Receive information about the crime
  • Timely notice of filing of charges, preliminary hearing date, trial date, continuances and final disposition
  • Notice, information and to confer with the prosecutor on bail hearings, guilty pleas, hearings, sentencing, probation revocation hearings, and the right to be heard
  • Information of any release of the defendant on bond or for any other reason
  • Notification within 24 hours of any escape and any subsequent recapture
  • Notification by the Board of Probation and Parole on release proceedings
  • Timely notification when a court proceeding will not go as scheduled
  • The right to restitution
  • Reasonable protection from the defendant or any person acting on the defendant's behalf from harm and threats due to your cooperation with law enforcement and prosecution
  • Information on victim's compensation assistance and financial assistance, emergency and crisis intervention – Contact the Victims of Crime Assistance Coordinator by calling 636-949-7370
  • Information on witness fees (if entitled)
  • Upon written notice, the release of your property when it is no longer needed for prosecution (except if contraband, subject to forfeiture, or the case is on appeal)
  • Your employer may not discharge or discipline you or a member of your immediate family for testifying in a criminal proceeding or for participating in the preparation of a criminal proceeding
  • Right to a speedy disposition of your case
  • Provide a secure waiting area and notification of reconsideration, modification, recall or release of any sentence imposed upon the defendant
  • Pursuant to Section 557.041 RSMO, 1993, you are entitled to make a victim's impact statement to the court before sentencing and the statement is limited to the  facts of the case and any personal injuries (includes psychological or emotional) or financial loss incurred - This statement can be in person, a written statement, or by video or audio tape