How to Report A Public Health Illness

A region-wide partnership analyzes data to assist agencies in efforts to monitor potential public health threats. As part of a statewide surveillance system, healthcare professionals in St. Charles County are required to notify the Communicable Disease and Epidemiology staff any incidences of certain reportable diseases and incidents.

How to Report Disease Incidents

Public Health reports (PDF) should be filed promptly to the Division of Health Services by fax at 636-949-7414. Alternatively, you may call 636-949-7319.

Please fax flu reports (PDF) to the Division of Health Services Epidemiologist at 636-949-7414 each week during flu season.

Reporting Foodborne Illness & Preventing the Spread

Staff from St. Charles County's Division of Environmental Health and Protection and Division of Health Services work together with organizations throughout our community to prevent foodborne outbreaks before they occur and to track the sources if cases are discovered.

Reporting Restaurant Caused Illness

If you believe that you've become sick while dining in a St. Charles County restaurant or from food products obtained from a St. Charles County food vendor, please call the Division of Environmental Health and Protection at 636-949-1800.

Reporting Animal Bite or Incident

Rabies is a dangerous virus in the saliva of mammals that infects the nervous system. Because the rabies illness will likely result in death of those infected without extensive treatment, it’s best for people and their pets to avoid contact with live or dead wild animals, unfamiliar dogs or cats, and any animals that are displaying unusual behaviors. Humans who are exposed to a potentially rabid animal should seek immediate medical supervision and may require a series of preventative vaccinations to prevent the development of the disease.

Reporting an Animal Incident Affecting a Human

If you or a family member is bitten or scratched by another animal, please cleanse the wound immediately with soap and water, seek any necessary medical care and alert the Division of Humane Services at 636-949-7347,  your local law enforcement agency or the Division of Health Services Communicable Disease staff at 636-949-7319.