Alternative Courts

Successful completion of the stringent alternative courts programs has been shown to correlate to an offenders ability to be rehabilitated and to successfully assimilate back into the community.

The St. Charles County alternative courts programs aim to address the underlying problems of substance abuse and mental illness, which contribute to criminal behavior. The programs offer offenders an opportunity to participate in long-term community-based treatment often as an alternative to incarceration.
Rigorous Process
The specialized courts engage in in-depth assessments, individualized treatment plans, and persistent judicial monitoring with goal of achieving rehabilitation for the offender and safety for the community. It is a collaborative initiative supported by prosecution, defense, the judiciary, the probation system, case workers and professional treatment providers.

Appropriate offenders go through a screening process to ensure that they meet specified criteria designed to gauge whether an alternative courts program is appropriate and likely to be effective. Compliance with the alternative courts program is rigorous and demanding and is overseen by a judge with specialized training and experience with offenders who are dealing with underlying substance abuse and mental illness.