Domestic Violence

The St. Charles County Domestic Violence Unit handles cases of violence, harassment and stalking between intimate partners and those related by blood or marriage.

Law enforcement agencies in St. Charles County work with the Prosecuting Attorney's Office in a joint effort to thoroughly investigate and prosecute all crimes of domestic violence.

Evidence Gathering
Due to the challenging nature of these crimes, it is critical that all available evidence is gathered in a timely manner.
This evidence may include obtaining recorded statements of witnesses, photographs, documentation of all injuries, and securing other evidence. These cases are assigned to a team of prosecutors who have specific training and experience prosecuting these important crimes.

Victim Advocate
The Domestic Violence Unit is further dedicated to ensuring that victims going through the criminal justice process are informed and supported and that their concerns are addressed. A dedicated victim advocate is available to assist victims of domestic abuse with obtaining an emergency order of protection.
Cycle of Violence