Sex Crimes and Child Abuse

The Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit handles crimes of sexual abuse and crimes of sexual or physical abuse against children. These are among the most serious cases handled by the Prosecuting Attorney's Office. These crimes require specialized and complex investigation, as well as in-depth trial preparation.
Vertical Prosecution Model 
The Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit follows a vertical prosecution model meaning 1 or more prosecutors become involved in the case in the investigatory phase and those same prosecutors maintain the case through conviction.

This unit is comprised of professionals who receive specialized training to work with traumatized and child victims, and to reduce the anxiety and uncertainty of crime victims.

The Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit works with the St. Charles County Multi-Disciplinary Team, which coordinates efforts of law enforcement, medical professionals, social workers, mental health providers, juvenile and family court professionals as well as others who work collaboratively to provide insight, guidance and support to victims and families during very difficult times.

The Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit is committed to aggressive, fair and thorough prosecution of crimes against the most vulnerable citizens of St. Charles County.

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