Child Care Education

As a public service, the Division of Health Services offers free educational programs for child care centers, schools, and members of the community. Please view our public health calendar to attend our next class.

Child Care Clipart

Health and Safety Programs for Children Ages 3-6 Years

A set of curriculum has been developed to help educate preschoolers and young children on the importance of health and well-being. For a complete list of the available programs, please view our list (PDF). To schedule a health and safety program, please fill our the request form or call 636-949-7400, ext. 5995..

Classes for Child Care Providers

In cooperation with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Department of Public Health offers classes to help childcare providers meet their continuing education needs.

Click here for a listing of the main topics and subcategories covered through these instructional classes.

Advanced online registration for these classes is required. For our current class schedule, please review our public health calendar or call 636-949-7400, ext. 5995.