Natural Disasters

The Plain Truth About Earthquake Safety

Length: 60 minutes
Are earthquakes likely in Missouri? Of course not, they’re inevitable. Get the straight story about earthquakes and their history / probability in Missouri. You’ll also learn what to do and what not to do when the shaking begins. For information, call 636-949-3023

The Plain Truth About Tornado Safety

Length: 60 minutes
The United States (and especially the Midwest) is the tornado capital of the world! In this discussion, we’ll differentiate fact from fiction when it comes to severe weather hazards and tornado safety. For information, call 636-949-3023.

The Plain Truth About Flood Safety

Length: 60 minutes 
Did you know that nine out of ten presidential disaster declarations are the result of flooding emergencies? With St. Charles County’s located at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, flooding is an annual threat. Learn about the hazards, including the surprising and preventable reason for nearly half of all flood-related fatalities. For information, call 636-949-3023.