Personal & Community Preparedness

Introduction to Emergency Management

Length: 60 minutes
What is Emergency Management? What goes on between emergencies? If you’ve ever wondered, the answer is plenty. Join us for a discussion on the goals and operations of the county’s emergency management program. For information, call 636-949-3023

Ready in 3! Individual and Family Planning

Length: 60 minutes
While we’re all concerned about the potential for disasters and terrorism and give willingly to others in need, how many of us have set aside life-sustaining supplies should an emergency strike our own household? With a few simple steps and advanced planning, you can be Ready in 3.
For information, call: 636.949.7400

Creating an Organizational Emergency Response Plan

Length: 60 minutes
In addition to disrupting our households, disasters can devastate businesses and communities. Lost jobs and disabled buildings can ruin economies. A few lessons learned can help lead your organization on the road to recovery should a disaster strike. For information, call 636-949-302 3.

Shelter in Place

Length: 60 minutes 
Chemicals are part of everyday life, and that means chemical accidents can occur anywhere. Beyond industrial spills, a fire or traffic accident can bring a chemical hazard right into your neighborhood. Sometimes, sheltering in place can be a simple, life-saving alternative to evacuation. For information, call 636-949-3023.

Guided Tours of the Emergency Operations Center

Length: Varies
You’ve heard the warning sirens, but did you know who sets them off when danger approaches? And, where are they located in our community? A guided tour of the St. Charles County Emergency Operations Center will give answers to these questions and a glimpse into the underground world of emergency management in our community. For information, call 636-949-3023.