Humane Division


The Division of Humane Services shelters and adopts animals, educates pet owners, provides animal control services, and investigates incidents involving animal cruelty and neglect. To ensure proper treatment of animals and to protect St. Charles County residents, the division is responsible for enforcing the St. Charles County Animal Control Ordinance.

Through efforts by a dedicated staff and committed volunteers, the division has placed more than 35,000 animals in loving homes since opening its Pet Adoption Center in 1999. In addition, Humane Services offers educational resources and veterinary referrals that enable pet owners to become better care-givers.


To assist the people of St. Charles County, the Division of Humane Services offers the following:

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the health, safety, and welfare of pets and people in St. Charles County through effective education, enthusiastic adoption, and responsible enforcement programs.