Emergency Kit

To make evacuation easier, a pet emergency kit should be equipped with sufficient supplies for each pet you own.

Item List

The following recommended items are typically available at pet supply stores or from your veterinarian:

  • A leash, harness, or pet carrier, that is large enough for your pet to stand and turn around in, is necessary. It’s also advisable to have a muzzle for any dog known to be aggressive or defensive around people or other animals.
  • A properly fitting leather or nylon collar with a securely affixed ID tag that lists your address and phone number.
    • Dogs and cats should wear a collar and tag at all times, whether or not they normally go outdoors. All other animals should have some type of identification.
    • Microchip your pet for permanent identification, and keep your information current with the microchip company and your local animal shelter database.
  • Transportable containers with at least a week's supply of water and (preferably dry) pet food. This will include a stable, unbreakable water bowl or dispenser and a sturdy food bowl or feeder. If you choose canned food, include a manually operated can opener.
  • A copy of current veterinary records, including rabies and wellness vaccination certificates, and at least a week's worth of any needed medicines and supplies - in a waterproof container. Proof of current vaccinations may be required by boarding facilities. To make this easier, it’s recommended that you scan this information and save it on your computer.
  • A pet first aid guide and supplies (PDF), including wound cleaning, dressing, and bandaging material.
  • Supplies to collect and dispose of pet wastes, e.g., plastic bags, scooper, cat litter, etc.
  • Several recent photographs of your pet kept in a waterproof container (in case your animal gets lost).
  • Establish a “Pet Partner” - a friend or relative that can have access to caring for your pet in the event that you are unable to make it home during an event. Also, try to have someone outside your area prepared to foster your pets for a period in case your home is not safe.