During a Storm or Tornado

Watch vs. Warning
A watch means conditions are right. That's the time to monitor the weather and check your preparations. If you live in or near the designated area, be especially alert when combinations of watches and warnings are issued at the same time.

A warning means now it's happening. It's time to act.

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Tornado - Credit: OAR / ERL / National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)
All storms produce lightning. If you can hear thunder, you can be hit by lightning and need to take precautions.

Flash Flooding
Any storm can produce flash flooding. Minimize your risk by avoiding areas that are most likely to fill with and channel swiftly moving water, such as low road crossings, storm drains, ditches, ravines, dry creek beds, or culverts. The leading causes of flood related fatalities are:
  • Driving through flood water
  • Walking in or near flood water
Shelter Areas
Find where to best seek shelter from a storm.