Mobile Food Units

To learn more about the types of establishments covered in this section and to obtain license applications, please select the type of facility below that most closely relates to your organization:

Mobile Food Units

A mobile food unit refers to an enclosed vehicle-mounted food service establishment designated to be readily movable from which food is composed, compounded, processed or prepared, and from which food is vended, sold or given away.


A pushcart refers to a non-self-propelled vehicle designated to be readily movable, which is limited to the serving of non-potentially hazardous foods or commissary-wrapped potentially hazardous foods maintained at proper temperatures. An example of this is a cart that is limited to the assembling and serving of frankfurters. Unpackaged, non-potentially hazardous food items approved for sale from a pushcart usually include popcorn, nuts, produce, pretzels and similar bakery products, shaved ice and snow cones.

Fee to Obtain a Mobile Food Unit or Pushcart License

Currently licensed mobile food establishments in St. Charles County
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Food Peddlers

A food peddler refers to a retail food establishment operating from a vehicle designated to be readily movable. The following food (that is properly labeled) can be vended, sold or given away through a food peddler:

  • Non-potentially hazardous foods or packaged potentially hazardous foods held at proper temperatures; frozen foods; or canned prepared food that is wrapped, packaged, portioned, and kept in ready-to-eat units
  • Raw fruits and vegetables

A food peddler cannot compose, compound, thaw, reheat, cut, cook, process or prepare the food being sold or given away. Food peddlers may dispense fountain drinks or hot drinks and assemble snow cones from approved and properly installed equipment.

Fee to Obtain a Food Peddler License:


A commissary (PDF) refers to a food establishment that acts as a base of operations for a mobile food establishment, food vending establishment, temporary food establishment or seasonal food establishment. The commissary provides facilities for adequate storage of food, food containers or food supplies; equipment for adequate washing and sanitizing of food equipment and utensils; a servicing area for the sanitary disposal of liquid waste; for handling and disposal of garbage, grease and rubbish originating from the mobile food establishment; an adequate servicing area for washing and storage of the mobile food establishment; facilities for filling the potable water holding tank in a sanitary manner; and electrical outlets for establishments that require electrical service. All mobile food facilities require the use of a commissary!