Basic Food Safety Resources

Please Note: The Environmental Division is closed to the public, and staff is unable to host any Food Service/Sanitation classes at this time. A link to online ServSafe classes is below.

Staff remains readily accessible by phone and can be reached at 636-949-1800. For assistance with division programs online, click here for a full list and links.

Stay healthy and safe, and thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

Food Service Sanitation

To register for a food safety or sanitation class, please call 636-949-1800. Please view our class schedule online. PLEASE NOTE: CLASSES ARE NOT OFFERED AT THIS TIME.

Basic Sanitation Certification

Length: Around 2.5 Hours
The St. Charles County Division of Environmental Public Health and Protection strives to educate consumers and food service providers on the importance of safe food handling, which reduces risks associated with foodborne illness. Designed for owners and employees of area food service organizations, these certification classes will provide sanitation information for all food handlers. Anyone preparing, serving, transporting, warehousing, stocking, or handling food in any manner should complete this course.

To earn certification, participants must earn a score of 70 or higher on a 50-question final examination. These certification courses are held throughout the year at the Department of Public Health office (please check our calendar for upcoming dates - CLASSES ARE NOT OFFERED AT THIS TIME). Please fill out our basic food safety certification application. You may also complete one of these ANSI accredited courses in its place.

ServSafe™ Applied Food Service Sanitation

Designed to introduce food service professionals to the foundations of food safety, the curriculum is produced by the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association and is based upon the U.S. FDA Model Food Code. The St. Charles County Food Code requires that all food service establishments employ at least 1 person during all hours of operation that has successfully completed this Manager Certification Course (or a similar course that is approved by the Department for food protection).

Food Safety and Sanitation Explanation for Temporary Food Service Providers

Watch our video and complete the quiz at the end to ensure that your group recognizes the important role that food safety and sanitation play in becoming a successful temporary food provider at area festivals, organization fundraisers and other special events. A Temporary Food Service Provider is an establishment that sells or gives away food products at the same location for 14 days or fewer. At least one supervisor, and preferably all those handling food products, should complete this training prior to the event operation.