Pools & Spas

The Aquatic Facilities Program is responsible for approving and regulating public and semi-public pools, wading pools, special use pools and spas. Public and semi-public pools and spas are typically owned and operated by municipalities or businesses such as hotels, apartment complexes, homeowners’ associations, churches, schools and other governmental, non-profit or commercial enterprises.

The Division of Environmental Health and Protection licenses and inspects pools and other aquatic facilities in unincorporated St. Charles County, as well as in the cities of Cottleville, Dardenne Prairie, Lake Saint Louis, O'Fallon, St. Charles, Weldon Spring and Wentzville, to monitor proper operation and facility maintenance.

Currently licensed aquatic facilities in St. Charles County
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Our Responsibilities

The Aquatic Facilities Program’s activities include:

  • Project Approvals - Reviews of engineering documentation and designs for the construction of new or the modification of existing pools and spas. Reviews and evaluates variances for pool designs. Issuance of approvals to allow construction to proceed and when construction is completed.
  • Plan Approvals - Reviews and approves plans to revise or modify the operation of existing pools, spas or lakes or proposals for the development of new pools and spas. Issuance of an approval, if the plan is acceptable.
  • Operational Oversight - Assesses the correctness and the effectiveness of operations and maintenance procedures to assure compliance with the applicable rules and regulations governing pools and spas and to identify operational problems that may require corrective action.
  • Inspections - Conducts regulatory compliance reviews or operational assessments and frequently inspects all pools and spas located within the county to assure proper operation and maintenance and compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.
  • Investigations - Analyzes problems affecting the proper operation and maintenance of pools and spas and performs complaint investigations.
  • Enforcement - Enforces the provisions of the St. Charles County Aquatic and Recreational Facilities Code and other relevant rules and regulations pertaining to these types of pools and spas.
  •  Technical Support - Provides technical support to other programs within the division and acts as a technical liaison to other governmental agencies.
  • Regulatory Review - Develops revisions to the rules and regulations within county government pertaining to pools and spas and provides input to other governmental agencies for proposed changes to rules and regulations.

In addition to these activities, the Aquatics Facilities Program staff offer recommendations regarding the rules and regulations applicable to public and semi-public pools, wading pools, special use pools and spas located within St. Charles County.

Private Pools

The Aquatic Facilities Program does not regulate or approve plans for the construction of new or modification of existing private residential pools and spas. Private residential pools and spas located in unincorporated areas of St. Charles County are reviewed and approved by the Department of Community Development, while those within various city limits are approved by the appropriate municipality. Please contact your local municipality or the St. Charles County Department of Community Development for their applications and requirements.