Solid Waste Management

The Division of Environmental Health and Protection licenses all trash hauling companies (PDF) operating in the unincorporated areas and most municipalities of Saint Charles County. The St. Charles County Code is the legal authority for solid waste management activities in unincorporated St. Charles County, as well as in municipalities that contract with the county to enforce the code. Solid waste proprietors must complete a license application with the division and include all applicable fees prior to operation.

Do You Have A Complaint?

Have you observed suspicious activity, seen littering or have concerns about trash haulers? Contact the Division of Environmental Health and Protection, which can help with improper storage or disposal of waste within our jurisdiction. We do not require a complainant’s name, however, it is helpful should we encounter problems or have further questions during the course of the investigation. Please email us or call 636-949-1800. You can view recent inspection ratings for various area solid waste management facilities.

Banned Items

One provision of the 1990 Missouri Solid Waste Management Act prohibited the disposal of major appliances, lead-acid batteries, used oil, waste tires and yard waste in Missouri sanitary landfills. St. Charles County Government has stepped up to provide residents access to services or programs for many of these banned items:

  • Appliances - Your hauler may offer curbside pickup of these items for a fee. These items are also accepted at the St. Charles County Recycle Works locations (for a per item fee).
  • Automotive Batteries - These items are accepted at the St. Charles County Recycle Works locations.
  • Waste Tires - Small quantities of these items may be delivered to specific area retailers and automobile care centers. Please contact the store nearest you for fee charges and limits.

Yard Waste

Most area trash haulers offer curbside yard waste collection, but homeowners should consult their provider for rules and regulations. The best way to manage yard waste (including grass, leaves, sticks, flowers, etc.) is to keep it on the site where it is generated. Mulching lawnmowers and backyard compost bins allow homeowners to turn this “trash” into valuable resources.

For more information and resources on composting opportunities in our area, please visit: