Volunteering & Donations

If you love them, we need you!

Volunteer support is greatly appreciated and serves as an integral part of the operation and enhancement of the Division of Humane Services. Volunteer work complements staff efforts as we strive to achieve our mission. Individual, group and corporate volunteers provide many services that maintain our facility and improve the well-being of the animals in our care.

Why Volunteer

  • You will make a difference in the lives of homeless pets.
  • You can develop new skills while exploring an exciting new field.
  • You can get valuable work experience.
  • You will learn about caring for pets.
  • You will meet new people with similar interest.

Volunteer Application

Interested volunteers must complete the application process and attend an orientation prior to joining our team. For more information, call 636-949-7387.

Volunteer Hours 

We offer flexible schedules for volunteers. Staff reserves the right to set a minimum/maximum number of hours available for certain volunteer projects, but we will work with individuals to best address their needs. Current volunteers should track their service hours using this website.