Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities exist within each of the department’s divisions and in the county’s emergency response efforts.

Current Opportunities

Current opportunities include:

  • Emergency Response: Individual and group partners are needed to assist the county’s planned response to an emergency or widespread disaster. Must be at least 18 years of age to register.
  • Environmental Health and Protection: Assist on projects and programs that further the environmental health and well-being of our community. Task requirements vary according to job duties.
  • Internships: Interns gain on-the-job experience and prepare for future careers. Task requirements vary according to job duties.
  • Office Assistant: Assist the department staff with various administrative tasks that will increase the efficiency of operations. Must present an ability to interact with many diverse groups of individuals and complete assigned duties.
  • Pet Adoption Center: Volunteers for the Pet Adoption Center help care for and prepare animals available for adoption through a variety of tasks. Must be at least 18 years of age and have a compassionate attitude towards people and animals.

If you believe that you possess a skill that is not covered through one of these opportunities but that could be used to further the health department’s mission, please call 636-949-7400.


Those interested in volunteering with the St. Charles County Department of Public Health must have a completed application form on file with the department. Those interested in internships should visit the internship section for information on their preferred area.