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Jughead Jughead
Jughead is an 8-year-old black and white Newfoundland mix. He is heartworm positive and undergoing treatment for the disease, so he does require a bit of extra TLC. In exchange for bringing this lovable senior pet into your home, he'll provide you with snuggles and happiness. Ask our staff about his adoption special. ADOPTED
Rico Rico
Rico is a 4-year-old Pitbull mix. He knows his basic tricks, loves to play fetch and might even sing you a tune! He’s a calm dog and has a friendly nature with people. He does not like cats or other animals though. Since he’s a big boy, he’d be best with experienced pit bull owners, and our staff will help you with a home visit prior to adoption.
Toby Toby
Toby is a 10-year-old domestic shorthair. He's an independent thinker that is looking for a fur-ever home. A big boy at almost 15 pounds, he settles in nicely as a lap cat but still loves a little playtime action. Be sure to ask about our Senior Pet special, if you'd like to let this old boy teach you a few new tricks.
Luna Luna
Luna is a 3-yr-old Domestic Longhair. She’s a bit shy and nervous meeting new people but is full of playful energy when she warms up to you. She’s front declawed and on a special diet. ADOPTED
Tiger Tiger
Don’t let the stripes fool you, this fierce guy is more of a Tigger than a Tiger — cuddling up to those he loves. A 10-year-old domestic shorthair, Tiger enjoys ear scruffs and soft pets. ADOPTED!
Curious Curious
Curious is a 2-yr-old Dwarf Hotot that weighs about 3.5 lbs. Like most rabbits, he takes a bit of TLC, but the reward is that the Hotot breed quickly bonds with their owners and loves to cuddle. If you’re curious about adopting him, talk with your veterinarian and the staff at the Pet Adoption Center. ADOPTED
Igor Igor
Igor is a laid back kitty that is ready to become your assistant. This striped beauty is a 7-month-old domestic medium-hair that loves simple things like ear scratches, warm laps and tasty treats. ADOPTED.
OJ is a 9-pound, female tabby that is about 2.5 years old. This pumpkin colored lady would make the perfect decoration for your home this fall – and beyond! She’s living at PetsMart right now, so let us know if you’d like to meet with her. ADOPTED
Francine Francine
Francine is a 1-year-old black domestic shorthair. She’s a friendly lady that sports a white badge of strength across her chest. Don’t fear her black coat this Halloween, Francine will bring good luck to your home. ADOPTED!
Sleepy Sleepy
Sleepy is a 1-yr-old pit bull mix. Don't let his name fool you; he's friendly and playful. He’s best for families with older children and/or NO CATS. He wants you to know that although he is deaf, he can feel your love and wants to share his with you. ADOPTED!
Carlton Carlton
Carlton is a TIGER, but in looks only. This gentle giant weighs 12 pounds and is a little more than 2 years old. ADOPTED.
Nikita Nikita
Nikita is a 3-year-old female Pit Bull mix. She's friendly with other dogs and cats and is very playful with children. ADOPTED!
Winston Winston
He may look like a wild cat, but give our big boy Winston a brush and a little love and he melts into your lap. This gentle giant is the perfect pet for a playful home. ADOPTED
Jade Jade
Jade is a black and white Labrador Retriever mix, who’s about 1.5 years old. She’s young and full of energy and is looking for a home to give her a bit of guidance. She’s extremely smart and starting to master several tricks. Jade would be great as an only child or in a home with older kids but is definitely one that needs no cats. ADOPTED
Walter Walter
Walter is a 4-year-old male Domestic Longhair. With that flowing mane, he will require regular grooming, but he’ll return the favor with love and affection. ADOPTED
Josie Josie
Josie is a 5-year-old Treeing Walking Coonhound. She’s a sweet girl looking for a fur-ever home. Like most in her breed, she is a bundle of activity who likes to sing, prance and hang with her friends. ADOPTED
Thomas Thomas
Thomas is a 1¾-year-old male tiger cat. His orange-and-white stripes may give him his namesake wild side, but Thomas is great for your home. He is neutered and is FeLV/FIV negative. ADOPTED
Crazy for Cats Crazy for Cats
We’re crazy for cats at the Pet Adoption Center. Stop in today and bring home a friendly feline.
Zoe Zoe
Zoe is a 2-year old black cat. She’s a cuddly cutie with regal beauty and dazzling eyes. This feline queen is eager to rule your realm. ADOPTED
Emmy Emmy
Emmy is a female “torbie,” which means she’s a combination tortoiseshell and tabby cat. She is spayed and is estimated to be around 2 years old. ADOPTED
Yukon Yukon
Yukon is a male, cream-colored Labrador Retriever mix. He weighs approximately 95 pounds and is estimated to be around 2 years old. ADOPTED
Duke Duke
Duke is a 2-year-old, white and tan Pit Bull Terrier. He's a bundle of fun and is looking for the perfect home. ADOPTED
Bingo Bingo
Bingo is a lovable lady. She is microchipped and spayed. ADOPTED
Carter Carter
Carter is an 8-month-old male, orange tiger cat. ADOPTED
Oliver Oliver
Oliver is a three-year-old male, black and chocolate short-haired rabbit. ADOPTED
Bowser Bowser
Bowser is a friendly, gentle giant, who likes stuffed animals, knows basic commands and is good with children. He is a St. Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix and is around 7 years old. ADOPTED
MaGoo MaGoo
MaGoo is a friendly black puppy. ADOPTED
Dom Dom
Dom is a male cat. ADOPTED
Gunner Gunner
Gunner is a 6-year-old male Beagle and Australian Cattle Dog mix. ADOPTED
Puppy Love Puppy Love
Our litter of 2-month-old boxer/lab puppies is ready for adoption. These lively girls with soon grow into medium/large dogs, but watch the video to see them play while they're still young. ADOPTED
Buster Buster
When cared for responsibly and given proper stimulation, rabbits like Buster can make excellent pets. ADOPTED
Charles Charles
Charles is a 4-year-old male hound. Tan and white in color, he's very curious and loves the treat of a car ride. ADOPTED
Malcolm Malcolm
A 2-year-old black, German Shepherd/Labrador mix, Malcolm is the perfect dog for a family with children older than 7. He is full of energy and enjoys a good game of fetch. ADOPTED
Peaches Peaches
Peaches is a 1.5-year-old red beagle mix. She is very energetic and seeks a family that can keep up with her excitement. She enjoys spending time with other dogs, is good with children and is crate-trained. ADOPTED
Callie Callie
A 6-year-old tabby, domestic shorthair, Callie is a quiet and calm girl who enjoys cuddling. She is great with kids but would be best in a one-pet family. ADOPTED