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Oct 27

Keep Our Storm Drains and Waterways Clean

Posted to Councilman Dave Hammond's Blog by County Council

It’s fall and that means many of us will begin—or already have started—spending our free time raking leaves. Did you know leaves can pollute and block our storm drains and natural drainageway systems? They are just one of many things that puts these systems at risk. Being aware of everything that can pollute and clog our waterways is extremely important.

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Aug 27

COVID-19: Challenges and Concerns

Posted to Councilman Joe Brazil's Blog by County Council

COVID-19 has made the past almost two years extremely challenging for the entire world. We are facing never-before seen issues from this global pandemic. The effect on individuals and our society is yet to be fully understood while the role of government in our daily lives is being questioned.

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Jul 28

County Council 101

Posted to Councilman Joe Cronin's Blog by County Council

I’ve been a member of the St. Charles County Council for 10 years. The County Council is the legislative body of County Government. While each Council member has different views and perspectives, we all agree that we’re here to make St. Charles County an even better place to live. This month, I thought it would be helpful to explain, for those who don’t know, how the Council works and how you can stay in touch and be involved.

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