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Jul 02

[ARCHIVED] Support Your Local Produce Stands and Farmers Markets

The original item was published from July 2, 2018 3:46 PM to July 2, 2018 3:47 PM

Midwest summers can be brutal as we have experienced. However, the warm weather comes with a bonus: an abundance of fruits and vegetables to enjoy. Produce stands and farmers markets are often year ‘round operations, but at this time of year these businesses thrive. We are fortunate to have them in our area – there’s nothing like fresh produce in the summer, and your support benefits local farmers, entrepreneurs, the economy and our community as a whole. 

You can find a variety of produce stands and farmers markets throughout St. Charles County. Google “homegrown produce,” “produce stands, and “farmers markets” and you’ll see quite a list. The state Department of Agriculture’s Missouri Grown USA website also is a great resource. Many of these businesses have a rich history in our community, while many are new.

Along with supporting local farmers and business owners, you and your family benefit from shopping at these businesses by:

  • Enjoying the freshest seasonal produce at affordable prices.
  • Knowing the source of your food.
  • Discovering new items to try.
  • Meeting the business owners and your neighbors.
  • Purchasing healthy and nourishing food!

Plus, when you support these businesses, sales tax from your purchase provides public safety services, parks, and more in St. Charles County. Your support is a “win” for everyone!

When you see produce stands and farmers markets, know that the awesome red tomatoes, sweet onions and mouthwatering corn on the cob are the results of generations of knowledge passed down among farm families and business people. Take the time to stop at one and believe me, you’ll be back!