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Sep 10

Eat Breakfast

Posted on September 10, 2018 at 3:18 PM by Doug Bolnick


Numerous studies show that mom was right — eating a healthy breakfast is important. A nutritionally complete meal to kick off the day improves concentration and performance, controls weight gain and brings other health benefits.
Family breakfast
What Makes a Great Breakfast?
There is no set meal that makes a great breakfast, but whatever you choose should include several food groups, including: lean proteins, whole-grain carbohydrates, low-fat dairy products and a combination of fruits and vegetables. Since it should make up about 30 percent of the day’s calories, make the breakfast meal something you and your family will enjoy!

Eating Breakfast Makes Great Students
Children, adolescents and teenagers should be encouraged to eat breakfast. As kids return to school, it’s important to note the connection between those who eat breakfast routinely and higher academic performance — especially in mathematics. Numerous studies show that those who ate breakfast performed better in the classroom and showed better problem-solving skills than those who didn’t. And, those youth showed better performance on the athletic field because of their higher energy levels.

Breakfast Keeps You Full
Although it may seem logical that skipping breakfast would lower calorie intake and decrease weight, research shows this not to be the case. Those who eat breakfast are:
  • More likely to engage in daily exercise that burns calories.
  • Less hungry throughout the morning.
  • Less likely to snack or overeat later in the day.

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To create quick and great-tasting breakfast treats, here are links to view healthy recipes.

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