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Apr 26

Become a Pet Foster

Posted on April 26, 2017 at 11:15 AM by Doug Bolnick


Pets provide many physical and emotional health benefits to their owners. Along with being faithful companions, pets bring joy and laughter to a home. Research shows that people who own pets are happier, have lower blood pressure and generally are in better health.
Pet Foster clip
For those unable to take full ownership of a pet but who would like to help animals, pet fostering offers a wonderful solution. Pet foster “parents” provide basic care and a short-term home for animals before they become eligible for long-term adoption. And, if that special pet makes a lasting impression, foster parents will be given first consideration for adoption.

Depending on the situation, fostering can last several days to a few months. Foster “parents” help socialize a dog or cat and provide a safe, loving home prior to adoption. These volunteers may be asked to provide grooming, training and basic care, as needed. The Pet Adoption Center provides veterinary care for the animal through a contracted veterinarian — although heartworm treatment is not covered and is subject to an additional $50 fee. Food and litter are provided when available. 

For information on becoming a pet foster, please call 636-949-7387 or complete the online application. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, adhere to all local animal ordinances and have permission to own a pet within their household. If accepted, prospective fosters will undergo an interview process and attend informational training seminars.

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