What is a Commissary, and what is the necessity for having one?
A commissary is a base of operation for temporary food establishments and mobile food facilities. Commissaries are necessary because most of these establishments are not equipped to be fully self-sustaining.

Some of the issues are:
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of utensils (to ensure a high standard of food safety, all utensils must be washed, rinsed and sanitized)
  • Proper disposal of wastewater
  • Food storage (Food may only be stored in a licensed and/or inspected food establishment. The St. Charles County Food Code does not allow food to be stored in private homes.)
  • Fresh water source (Only fixed food establishments that have a current operating license are approved as a source for fresh, potable water. In certain cases, temporary food establishments or mobile food facilities may be required to purchase additional units of bottled water for their food preparation needs.)

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