What is a Farmers Market?
If you search for the definition of a Farmers Market, you will find many different interpretations. They may describe a venue where an array of activities are taking place. What most of these definitions have in common is that a Farmers Market is a place where those who produce food locally can congregate and sell food to the public. Commonly, the products sold include produce and other limited items like eggs, meats, nuts, jams, jellies, honey and non-potentially hazardous baked goods. In some instances, markets are located in a permanent facility and provide a wider variety of goods.

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1. What is a Farmers Market?
2. When is a license needed to sell products at a Farmers Market?
3. Does the health department require licenses for selling other products at a Farmers Market?
4. Can I sell food prepared in my home at a Farmers Market?
5. What is required to be on this home-prepared food label?
6. Shouldn’t an exemption be made for vendors at Farmers Markets since they only operate for one or two days each week?
7. Why must I also have to pay a vendor’s fee to the market, as well as the license fees? What do I do if I’m not happy with the market rules?
8. What is a potentially hazardous food product?