When is a license needed to sell products at a Farmers Market?

A farmers market, temporary food establishment or mobile food unit license is required for vendors at farmers markets who handle, prepare or serve:

  • Meats (Product must also be USDA or Missouri Department of Agriculture certified, properly labeled and packaged, safely transported and held at required temperatures)
  • Fish and fowl must be properly labeled, have all required state or federal permits and be transported and held at proper temperatures
  • Open food products (cut fruits or vegetables, unpackaged foods, etc.)

The above item list is not all-inclusive, because it would be impossible to imagine all the items that a vendor may wish to serve. Vendors unsure of whether or not serving their goods at a Farmers Market may require a license should call 636-949-1800 for assistance.

Please note that, any person engaged in the business of operating a food establishment without a license as required by the St. Charles County Food Code shall be subjected to a fine of 5 hundred dollars ($500) for each offense. Section 8-601.11.

A license is not required for vendors who serve:

  • Whole, uncut produce (fruits and vegetables)
  • Prepackaged foods that are not considered potentially hazardous
  • Nuts in the shell
  • Jams, jellies, apple butter and honey (as long as they’re properly labeled)
  • Baked goods (as long as they do not include potentially hazardous products, are properly labeled and are sold by the person or farm that baked them)
  • Whole eggs (must have a Missouri Department of Agriculture Egg Permit and hold eggs at 41 degrees F or less)

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