If I become pregnant, do I have to get rid of my cat?
No, it is not necessary to get rid of a cat because its owner is pregnant. Care should be taken to prevent exposure to Toxoplasma, a disease associated with the handling and consumption of undercooked or raw meat from infected animals, and cats. Of all animals infected, cats are the perfect host for the production of the infectious and resistant Toxoplasma oocysts. The oocysts are released from the cat in its feces. Because the oocysts are not infectious immediately, the risk of infection can be greatly reduced with minimal preventative measures. Avoid changing the litter box if possible.

If you must change it, use rubber gloves. Change the litter box daily, dispose of the litter in a sealed plastic bag, and always wash your hands with soap and water when finished. Try not to raise a lot of dust from the litter as it is changed. Since most cats clean themselves constantly, it is unlikely for them to leave feces on their fur, and it is unlikely that humans will become infected by handling the cat.

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