I have a wild animal in my yard or home. What can I do?
The Division of Humane Services does not collect wild creatures. However, if the wild animal is trapped, if it appears to be injured or sick, or if it has bitten a human or other animal, please report this immediately to the Division of Humane Services 636-949-7387.

There are many types of wildlife living with us in our community. For the most part, they will leave us alone if we leave them alone. It is important to note that one should never feed a wild animal (except for songbirds), because this can cause many problems in the future for both the animal and people in the community. Please visit the for more information on how to live responsibly with wildlife.

For additional helpful information on living with wildlife, please call the Bi-State Wildlife Hotline at 855-WILD-HELP, Missouri Department of Conservation (St. Charles Office) at 636-441-4554, and Wildlife Rescue at 636-394-1880.

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