My question was not listed among these FAQs. Where can I go for additional information?

The CDC is an excellent resource for up-to-date information on COVID-19. Here are FAQs answered on their website.

For questions about St. Charles County’s Employer Guidelines and industry specific recommendations, please visit our COVID-19 website.

For questions about the State of Missouri’s Show Me Strong Recovery plan, please visit the Governor’s website.

For additional questions, please call the St. Charles County Public Health COVID-19 Information Hotline at 636-949-1899.

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1. Where can I find additional information specific to workplaces, restaurants, schools, professional service providers, retail establishments, healthcare settings and other community organizations?
2. Is St. Charles County reaching out to various groups and organizations planning events with large gatherings to coordinate on best practices when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19?
3. Who do I call if I have public safety concerns related to COVID-19?
4. In light of several events around the country being cancelled, what is St. Charles County’s stance on asking various groups and organizations to cancel or postpone their gatherings?
5. How can large businesses and factories still operate with their employees under the current prohibitions?
6. My business is re-opening/returning back to operating as normal, but I don’t feel comfortable returning to work, do I have to go?
7. My business/My job has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, can you help me?
8. What if my job requires me to be within six feet (6’) of another employee and/or customer?
9. I coach or play organized sports or manage a neighborhood/community pool complex. Do the re-opening policies apply?
10. Can St. Charles County provide any assistance on opening public pools, hot tubs or other aquatic facilities? What guidelines must I follow?
11. My question was not listed among these FAQs. Where can I go for additional information?