What animals do you currently have available for adoption?

We always have a variety of dogs and cats (and sometimes even have other animals) ready and waiting to go into their forever home. Puppies and kittens are most prevalent in the spring and summer months, but can sometimes be available over the winter months as well. Our adoption program has been so successful that we suggest you come in personally and view the animals available for adoption.

Although we can give you some information on what is available on the telephone, it is very likely that the animal that sounds like the pet you want will be gone when you come in. Some animals are adopted within minutes of being put in the adoption area!

We do get a lot of small dogs and some of our animals are purebred. If you are seeking a specific breed or aged animal, we suggest that you check the shelter as often as you can.

And, once at the facility, you will be asked to complete an adoption application, which will be kept on file for up to 90 days. On this application, you can mark your "Wish List," and we will attempt to contact you should that animal become available. However, please understand that all animals are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

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