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Certificate of Non-Assessment (Tax Waiver) Request Form

  1. NOTICE: This online form submits the request for a Certificate of Non-Assessment (tax waiver), and then is processed by the Assessor’s Office and the Collector of Revenue. The waiver will be mailed within 2-3 business days upon review of the information. If you require your waiver sooner, please visit the Assessor’s Office in person at the County Administration Building, located at 201 N. Second Street in St. Charles.

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  4. Please complete the remainder of the form with the lessee's information.

  5. Enter "NONE" if not applicable.

  6. Enter "NONE" if not applicable.

  7. Which year was your vehicle purchased?*
  8. For example: If you purchased the vehicle in 2022, this is your address as of Jan. 1, 2022.

  9. For example: If the vehicle was leased in 2022, this is the address as of Jan. 1, 2022.

  10. Current Address*
  11. Current Address*
  12. Is there a co-owner listed on the title?*
  13. Do you want the co-owner listed on your personal property account?*
  14. Is there a co-lessee listed on the lease agreement?*
  15. Which year did the leasing agreement begin for the vehicle?*
  16. Have you lived in Missouri before?*
  17. Please upload a PDF, JPG or PNG of one of the following documents: title (front and back; seller and purchaser information must be completed), title application, Missouri vehicle registration renewal notice, current out-of-state registration, or bill of sale.

  18. Please upload a PDF, JPG or PNG of one of the following documents: lease agreement, Missouri vehicle registration renewal notice, title application, or current out-of-state registration.

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