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Display / Spec Homes

  1. St. Charles County Assessor's Office
    Occupancy Taxation Division
    201 N. 2nd St.
    Suite 215
    St. Charles, MO 63301
    Ph: 636-949-7445
    Ph: 636-949-7444
    Fx: 636-949-7436
  2. The above referenced property is a display / specification home and has not been occupied at any time as a residence; it will be fully taxable on the first day of January of the fourth year following the year in which construction was complete.

    By the Assessor's recognition of this property as a display / specification home, the builder hereby agrees to notify the Occupancy Department of the St. Charles County Assessor's Office of the new owner name, address, and the date this property becomes occupied as a residence. Failure to make prompt notification to the Assessor's Office could result in a liability for back taxes.
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