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  1. To help us place your cat in an environment best suited to his/her needs, please complete this questionnaire as completely and honestly as possible. Thank you!
  2. Gender
  3. Is the cat declawed?
  4. When is the cat fed?
  5. The cat is kept:
  6. Does the cat mind being picked up?
  7. Does the cat mind being held?
  8. Has the cat shown any aggression?
  9. Has the cat shown destructive behaviors?
  10. Does the cat always use the litterbox?
  11. If no, when did the problem start?
  12. Select all that apply to the cat.
  13. Uses scratch post
  14. Allowed on furniture
  15. Jumps on furniture
  16. Good in car
  17. Good with:
  18. I hereby acknowledge that the information, which I have given to the County of St. Charles, is accurate and that the animal is released to the County of St. Charles for disposition and that said County is the rightful owner and I will make no claims whatsoever against the County. I understand and agree that the County of St. Charles is under no obligation to adopt this animal and that the County may otherwise dispose of this animal as it deems necessary.
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