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Defendant Virtual Court Appearance Request

  1. Instructions - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:

    As an alternative to appearing in person in St. Charles County Municipal Court, you may request a virtual court appearance. You must have access to internet, a computer or mobile device with a camera, and a microphone to have a video appearance online (most cell phones have this capability). All virtual appearances will occur through WebEx.

    Please note – The virtual appearance date that is issued to you is non-negotiable. You will receive a meeting invitation email as notification that your request for a virtual court appearance is approved.

    If you have technical difficulties on the virtual court appearance date assigned, you must contact the court immediately at 636-949-1833 to reschedule.

    For more information about Municipal Court, visit

    Thank you.

  2. Please contact the Municipal Court at 636-949-1833 or if you do not have this information.
  3. Please Read and Acknowledge Below:
    By clicking the box below, if during the virtual plea you make the decision to plead guilty to the charge, please be aware of your rights under Missouri Supreme Court Rule 37.58:

    1. You are being charged with an ordinance violation. The prosecutor will notify you ahead of your plea of guilty if he or she is seeking jail time on your charge.

    2. If you plead guilty, there will not be a trial of any kind. By entering your plea of guilty, you waive your right to trial.

    3. You have a right to plead not guilty. If you do, the case(s) will be set for trial.

    4. You have the right to be represented by an attorney of your choosing. However, please be aware that because you have been charged with a municipal ordinance violation, you do not have access to a public defender in this court.

    5. You may request the opportunity to enter into a payment plan after you plead guilty.

    6. If you are a non-U.S. citizen, a plea of guilty could affect your immigration status.

  4. Acknowledgment of Rights Above Under Missouri Supreme Court Rule 37.58:*
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