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Citizen Police Academy Class Evaluation

  1. Dear Participant,

    In order to provide the best experience possible for your class and those in the future, we ask that you take a moment to complete the following evaluation regarding your experience tonight. Your honest feedback is appreciated. The information you provide assists us in tailoring our program for the benefit of our citizens.  

    Please read the following statements, and select the most appropriate response to each statement:

  2. The information presented tonight was useful and beneficial for citizens to understand. *
  3. The person(s) presenting the information was knowledgeable and presented the information in an interesting and easy-to-understand way?*
  4. The learning environment (classroom, facilities, accommodations, etc.) was suitable for this type of class and contributed to a positive experience.*
  5. The visual aids (presentations, props, static displays, demonstrations, etc.) for this class were useful in helping me understand the material. *
  6. Overall, tonight’s presentation was useful and relevant.*
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