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State Flood Debris Removal Program "Operation Recovery" Pickup Form 2016

  1. For Unincorporated St. Charles County Residents - Please Read the Following Before Completing the Form Below:

    Unincorporated St. Charles County residents: Please use the form below to contact the St. Charles County Police Division of Emergency Management to arrange for the State Flood Debris Removal program to pick up flood and heavy-rain related debris at your residence. Your information will be forwarded to the State liaison who will coordinate the removal. Your phone number will only be used by the Division of Emergency Management to contact you if there are any questions regarding your form submission and will not be forwarded to the State liaison.

    The municipalities participating in the debris removal program are listed on the State Flood Debris Recovery Program website below. If you live in one of these municipalities (and not in unincorporated St. Charles County), please contact your municipal government about their participation.

    Please note that debris must be properly sorted & placed on the curb before it is removed. Children and pets should not be in or around flood or heavy rain-related debris. For instructions and more info, visit the State Flood Debris Recovery Program website below. Curbside pickup will not occur on private roads. Debris pickup may occur one day to several days after filling out the form below to make arrangements.

    This program is ONLY for flood and heavy rain-related debris - requests for other types of debris removal from homes unaffected by flooding and heavy rain will not be granted.

    If you have special needs & need assistance moving debris, call United Way 211 (dial 211 or 1-800-427-4626).

    To report your debris pickup by phone instead of using this form, call 636-949-7900, ext. 4584.
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